Holistic Facials - Consultation and Facial Therapy - Auckland
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Qi Beauty Facials

Introducing Qi Beauty Facial – Magnetic Skin Recovery System.


The Qi beauty facial treatment is revolutionary. Let us tell you why…

The Qi beauty Facial uses controlled High Gradient Static magnetic fields to stimulate the natural recovery potential of skin. 1000 gold plated magnets to create a face map (matrix), and when placed in select acupuncture points on the face, it excites the cells and stimulates the energy to maintain regeneration and a youthful appearance. When used in combination with exquisite facial products, including botanical essences made from Australian bush flower extracts, natural and organic ingredients, the results are truly amazing.


Immediately, the skin cells become more energetic in the stimulation, moving within deeper layers skin layers to promote movement of fluids upward.

Qi stimulation is maintained through out the treatment to assist in detoxification and regeneration.


When the gold magnet matrix is applied on the face, it looks absolutely stunning, like that of an Egyptian goddess who is basking in the most decadent, deeply relaxing facial treatment.


Because the Qi facial heals and rejuvenates skin, you’re skin will be energized, giving you face a lasting healthy glow. Qi Beauty guarantees a visible difference after one treatment. You must try it for yourself.



For the time concious/express type.   Top up maintanece treatment for those who are serious about skin rejuvination and have invested in a course of Qi Beauty Facials.

75mins | $225



Includes deep herbal cleanse and steam, lymphatic drainage, face lifting & sculpting, décolletage, shoulder and neck massage plus application of 1500-2000 gold plated micro magnets customised to create an eye lift, lip lift, cheek lift and lateral lift of all facial tissue.

90 mins | $275

Qi Transformation


Course of 10 x 60 Minutes
2x Qi Indulgence
8 x Qi Classic

$1850 carried out over a weekly or fortnightly period


Course of 3
1 Qi Beauty Indulgence 90 min
2  Qi Beauty Express 60 min
$645 carried out over a weekly or fortnightly period