About Jeanine

A truly encompassing beauty service goes much further than just ‘skin deep’. As a holistic beauty and health therapist, Jeanine combines the power of touch, intention and nourishing skincare to care for your effervescence – inside and out, bottom to top. Having nurtured the link between beauty and wellbeing for over 16 years, Jeanine’s signature approach to beauty has developed into a truly effective, full body experience.


With a passion for helping people look and feel their best, Jeanine began her career as a beauty therapist in 2002. She quickly realised the power of touch when her facials were met with high praise, and soon gained a reputation for her “healing hands”. Not surprisingly, this path lead Jeanine to some of the top spas in Auckland and the world. Clients who experienced her treatments would come back repeatedly, each time leaving more relaxed, restored and renewed.


Seeing the power that touch had on people’s whole composition, Jeanine set out to further develop her intuitive and healing abilities. She began her studies as a Reiki practitioner, followed by a Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy. Put into practice, these amazing, natural healing modalities made a dramatic difference to her client’s health and well being. Combining these with her beauty experience, Jeanine’s facials developed an enriching edge that set them apart.



Even beauty therapists are not immune to the daily stresses, environmental factors and body imbalances that disrupt our skin. While battling acne in her twenties, Jeanine became determined to find the root cause of her skin’s trouble. Advanced skincare analysis courses and nutrition training gave insight into the gentle balance of our skin. It was soon evident just how much a person’s internal environment affected their outward appearance, and how topical treatments were only part of the solution.


Working with many different skincare brands, Jeanine discovered a range whose philosophy synced harmoniously with her own. Janesce Skincare believes treating the body internally with good nutrition and supplementation is just as important as supplying quality nutrients externally. Using the Janesce Skincare range’s potent, plant-based formulas in conjunction with an internal body analysis, Jeanine has found the sweet spot to creating amazing skin transformations.