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If you feel as though your glow has lost it’s sheen, Jeanine’s healing craniosacral therapy can help in reclaiming your natural spark. Here’s what craniosacral therapy can do for you.

Craniosacral Therapy

Deeply relaxing and instantly soothing, craniosacral therapy offers a gentle, holistic approach to assisting the way your whole body works. Derived from Osteopathic origins, this natural healing modality is very effective in releasing trauma to the body. Trauma can can be anything from an accident, illness, injury, surgery or something of an emotional nature which are not always able to be resolved properly by themselves. With skilled hands, Jeanine listens to your body’s intrinsic movements, health, rhythms, pulsations and patterns of congestion, resistance and tension. Working with natural and unique rhythms of your different systems, she then pinpoints and corrects source problems, encouraging the nervous system and organs to balance and heal. Craniosacral therapy is usually carried out sitting or lying on a treatment table fully clothed. A series of sessions is advised for best results.

Some of the symptoms that may respond favourably to craniosacral healing are:


Anxiety and nervousness
Back pain
Breathing disorders
Central nervous system disorders
Dental trauma
Digestive problems
Facial pain
Frozen shoulder
Headaches and migraines
Insomnia and sleep disorders
Jaw pain
Muscular pain
Neck pain
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Recent injuries


Click here to watch a video explaining more on Craniosacral Therapy.


Individual sessions | 60 mins | $130
Pay for 6 and receive 7th for free

“Recently I experienced a luxurious Janesce facial and Craniosacral combo treatment with Jeanine. The Craniosacral treatment helped unlock my hip and immediately softened my lower back pain. I felt immense clarity in my head and was just beaming inside with renewed energy, not to mention gorgeous glowing skin.Thank you so much Jeanine, you’re a very gifted therapist with a beautiful soul that shines through in your work. You show pride and professionalism at all times. I look forward to our next appointment.”



Janine Stucki | Beauty Therapist


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