Qi Beauty Facial for Beautiful Skin & Wellbeing - Auckland
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If you have aging, sagging skin, dehydrated or dry skin, lack lustre or dull skin, fine lines and deep lines that you would like to reduce, pigmentation, have overly sensitive or red skin, acne or damaged skin this amazing facial would really benefit you. It is suitable for all skin types and all skin conditions.


Note, this treatment is not suitable for pregnant woman or anyone with a pacemaker

As no two faces are ever the same – neither are the facials. Your treatment is customised every time. Your face map is based on your facial lines; landscape, loss of volume, signs of ageing and premature ageing.


As each face is unique, the beauty matrix will be specifcally designed just for you to get the best results. Customised treatments can target volume loss, diminished collagen and elastin, and work with facial landscape for contouring treatments.  Boost intrinsic compounds to define facial features, reduce heavy jowls, lift the brow, reduce facial sag and the loss of volume.


Qi beauty is suitable for congested skin, oily skin and sensitive skin, offering restorative and balancing properties.


Qi beauty assists strengthening the skin barrier to improve the environment of microbiota for healthy skin flora, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the tone and complexion of skin.


You will notice an improvement in the tone, texture, volume and lustre of your skin.

Q&A with Jeanine on Qi Beauty
Q. Where did this amazing facial originate?

“The Qi beauty facial was created in 2006 by Australian Kathy Pedersen. Kathy’s passion for sustainable age-control led her to explore the principles of ageing, wellness and beauty, to create a treatment that is both pro-recovery, and anti-ageing. Qi beauty uses Kathy Pedersen’s methods of Static Magnetic Stimulation with her own gauss specific magnets, designed specifically for use in the Qi beauty Facial Treatment. Kathy Pedersen is a passionate business woman, entrepreneur and Principle international trainer for Qi beauty.  You can find out more from Qi Beauty International www.qibeauty.com.au”

Q. Why do you offer this kind of facial?

“I have been searching for a holistic facial that offers exceptional results. This treatment really resonates with me as it has similar principles to craniosacral therapy in that it works with and stimulates health and vitality. It works with the body’s own intrinsic self repair mechanisms which makes it not only holistic but promotes a truly healthy skin. I knew when I found this treatment that is was special but once I went over and did my training I found that it has surpassed my expectations.”

Q. What is so different about this facial?

“The gold plated magnets to connect select acupuncture points to stimulate Qi energy.  Immediately the skin cells become more energetic in the stimulation, magnets create a static magnetic field, it hydrates from the inside, it works with the energy points and meridians.


It looks absolutely stunning so it has that unique appeal, the results are amazing from even just one treatment, it heals and rejuvenates skin which you skin will always be more energetic as a consequence


This is quite different from a conventional facial as it is totally unique, and the results are working at a deeper level.  Basically it hydrates the skin internally rather than just topically, it does this through the movement of fluids and sub-dermal compounds in the skin.  Internal hydration is always better than topical. Fluids are moved around to where they need to be to create lift and volume, this is created through the static magnetic field, which energises all the cells and makes them behave like young cells again.  It doesn’t have a classic mask treatment or face massage but in my deluxe version I can do a face massage first.”

Q. What are the main benefits of the Qi Beauty Facial?
  • Plumped, toned and hydrated skin
  • Lifts and defines facial features
  • Decreases size of pores
  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles
  • Repair/reduce broken capillaries (vaso-normaliser)
  • Provides an anti-ageing solution
  • Defends and maintain healthy skin
  • Restores skin flora
Jeanine’s Top 10 Reasons on why you should choose Qi beauty facial over many other facial treatments.

This facial will give you visible results from just one treatment.


It’s a natural and highly effective anti-aging solution.


It helps you look your best and age gracefully.


It’s great for those wanting a real skin transformation.


It volumises, contours and firms.


This facial provides definitive skin healing.


It gets your skin functioning at an optimal level.


This facial achieves amazing anti-aging results without any trauma or wound response.


It’s deeply relaxing and a truly unique experience.


This facial is so good for those who are wanting to prepare for a special event like a bride getting ready for her wedding or perhaps a milestone birthday.

Top 5 FAQ’s
1. How long does this facial take?
  • 75 minutes for the standard Qi beauty facial on the table and allow an extra 30 minutes for before/after photo’s, consult, & a herbal tea.


  • 90 minutes for the Deluxe Qi beauty Facial which includes a herbal steam, & facial massage. Allow an extra 30 minutes for consult, before and after photos & herbal tea.
2. What happens throughout the Qi treatment?

I start with a Cleanse, herbal steam and light exfoliation then I apply and create the matrix (face map), everyone’s matrix is unique to each individual.


The Gold plated Magnets are strategically placed around meridians, acupuncture points to lift eyes, cheeks, lips, deep lines can be targeted, pigmentation and red veins and diffuse redness. I can also do a detoxifying matrix for anyone who has fluid retention and puffiness or is recovering from illness.


The matrix (face map) can take about 20 min to create, from the moment I start placing the magnets it feels very relaxing due to the placement on key acupuncture points. Often clients fall asleep or enter a space of deep relaxation.


Once the matrix is created we are waiting for Qi arrival (qi is your skins health, vitality, energy).  This takes about 30 mins, I apply peptide serums which are hydrating and anti-aging serums (or help to treat pigmentation, sensitivity and then follow up with a beautiful anti-inflammatory and nourishing oil.  Whilst magnets are on the skin and for hours after the skin cells are more permeable so they can absorb much more than normal.


During this 30 minutes I massage behind the neck, shoulders, cranial base, scalp and across the décolletage. This further stimulates blood, lymph flow, relieves deep tensions and deeply relaxes the client.


I  can also add in craniosacral therapy to help rebalance, restore and align the clients whole system. By combining massage and craniosacral therapy to this already amazing treatment I am treating the person as a whole and working with all systems of the body. Making this treatment truly holistic. You can’t have outer beauty without addressing internal factors. Even the Qi beauty facial on it’s own is actually involving the whole person and systems as it is working on the meridians and acupuncture points which are related to digestive and reproductive organs.

3. How might I feel during and after this experience?

During you will feel very relaxed, floaty, dreamy, sleepy, you may feel the static magnetic field working and feel a tightening around face or energy. Afterwards? Deeply relaxed, serene, rejuvenated, nurtured, calm, happy that your skin looks so beautiful glowing, hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

4. What should I expect out the QI facial experience?

Beautiful healthy looking glowing, oxygenated skin, lines reduced, area’s of face plumped and lifted, less redness in skin, skin looking more youthful and rejuvenated. It detoxifies as well, jawline firmed, cheeks lifted, puffiness diminished or reduced, jawline firmed, skin has more health and vitality. Basically amazing results and deep relaxation from just one treatment.

5. How much does it cost?